Impact of your body’s invisible inmates on your health: hypothesized correlation of FMF and your microbiome

Don't let the title bamboozle you, I'm going to break my theory down into easily-digestible bites and leave you inspired. Let me wipe that confusion off your face. FMF is short for Familial Mediterranean Fever; the most common 'rare' (oxymoron alert!) autoinflammatory inherited disease that is mainly characterized by bouts of high fevers, inflammation of... Continue Reading →


Augmented reality flashcards – A toddler’s viewpoint.

I have never taken my almost 2.5-year-old shopping in a physical toy store. Last weekend we aimlessly sauntered into a Toys R Us store and I realized why that had been the case. The plethora of options available is so overwhelming and the toys are not very appealing because there are no star icons and... Continue Reading →

Coconut Chronicles

Growing up in South Asia, the words coconut + oil never evoked 'healthy eating' feels. Every alternate day my then-gorgeous, luxuriant, black-as-coal locks were drenched in this butyraceous hair juice and braided as tight as my scalp would sanction. A huge hindrance to my self-esteem and vanity. The days after oiling were the awaited shampoo... Continue Reading →

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